• Posted on October 18, 2016

Happy Holidays!


Have you got a complex holiday record shopping list? We can help you with that! We’re super stocked with tons of new and used vinyl, and you’re sure to clear a few things off it.

We’re open every day up to and including December 24th, and we’re piling brand new and gently used records into the store every day! They do go fast though, some people are checking back with us a couple of times a day!

So, best of the season to everyone! And bring on the snow!

Oh and some frequently asked questions:

Yes, we have the new Leonard Cohen lp!
Yes, we have the new Solange lp!
No, we don’t have the new Tribe record, but when it comes out (supposedly Dec 23rd now), we will have it in stacks!
Also, the Dwayne Gretzky New Years Eve show is sold out. Those guys are way too popular. 😉

Thanks and seeya soon!

  • Posted on February 24, 2016

Well, hello there!

We’re one of Toronto’s leading and best known independent record stores. We stock new releases from independent bands and artists from Canada, the U.S., England, and around the world. We’re committed (actually, obsessed would be more accurate) with stocking as much of this on vinyl as is possible.

Genre-wise, we’re down with almost everything: the hip, the hop, the punk, the jazz, the hardcore, the reggae, the electronic, the indie, the un-indie. No classical or nu-country, however.

We stock used vinyl as well, although the turnover is extremely high, and we find it difficult to keep much stock. If you’re looking to rid yourself of your dusty old record collection in exchange for some $$s, we’d be more than happy to take a look. We are rather picky though, so please don’t bring in your Poco lps.

We’re also an official ticket outlet for most of the major concert promoters in town.

Next time you’re out music shopping, and you’re looking for stuff that you just can’t find at the mall, definitely stop by. We swear that we won’t judge your purchases. Honest! (Kidding!) (No, really!)