• Posted on March 30, 2012


One of the more entertaining aspects of working in a record store is dealing with scalpers. Scalpers think they are very clever, and that by disguising their voice, we will never know that they are scalpers. We have one scalper who phones regularly, and always tries to disguise his voice by pretending to be Darth Vader. Needless to say, any show they ask for is always “sold out, sorry” – click. 

Scalpers, like all humans, are very predictable, and all behave in the same manner. Common Scalper traits include, but are not limited to:

A: Referring to tickets as “pieces”, ie: “Yoo got enne pieces for Richard Ashcroft?”.

B: Completely unable to pronounce complex band names, such as Jamiroquai (Jam-err-awk-wee).

C: Always ask for six tickets (pieces). Never five, never two, but always six (6).

D: Always adorned in brightly coloured sports clothing, usually replete with Toronto Maple Leaf logos. More accurate imagery can be seen by watching any episode of The Sopranos.

E: Enter store. Skulk around bins looking very lost. Approach counter casually, and then as an aside, ask if we have any tickets for “A Purple Circle”.

F: “They’re for my kids. I got six kids. Can I get six pieces?”.

G: “Do you guys know where Sugar Ross is playing?”

More scalper tales to come. Stay tuned!

  • Posted on March 30, 2012

Music makes us happy. And we still like to have fun.

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We’re one of Toronto’s leading and best known independent record stores. We stock new releases from independent bands and artists from Canada, the U.S., England, and around the world. We’re committed (actually, obsessed would be more accurate) with stocking as much of this on vinyl as is possible.

Genre-wise, we’re down with almost everything: the hip, the hop, the punk, the jazz, the hardcore, the reggae, the electronic, the indie, the un-indie. No classical or nu-country, however.

Rotate This is an equal-genre retailer. We do not exclude titles from stock based on race, creed, culture, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. We might not, however, stock a title we feel is not appropriate for our store, for any number of reasons. You want Britney? Wicked, so do we. But we don’t sell her records. (Well, ok, maybe the UK 12″ers but please don’t tell anyone).

We stock used vinyl as well, although the turnover is extremely high, and we find it difficult to keep much stock. If you’re looking to rid yourself of your dusty old record collection in exchange for some $$s, we’d be more than happy to take a look. We are rather picky though, so please don’t bring in your Poco lps.

We’re also an official ticket outlet for most of the major concert promoters in town.

Next time you’re out music shopping, and you’re looking for stuff that you just can’t find at the mall, definitely stop by. We swear that we won’t judge your purchases. Honest! (Kidding!) (No, really!)