Hi Friends!
As the shopping freakout starts to wind down, we’d like to thank you all for another amazing year supplying excellent vinyl to all of you. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks! And please have an excellent holiday while we’re at it!
Our hours for the next few…
Saturday Dec 24th 11am til 4pm. Last minute club represent.
Sunday Dec 25th – Closed. Turkey. Ham. Whatever.
Monday Dec 26th – 11am til 6pm. Boxing Day!! Always a blast!
Tuesday Dec 27th – 12pm til 7pm. Boxing Week continues.
Wednesday Dec 28th – 12pm til 7pm. Also Boxing Week.
Thursday Dec 29th – 11am til 8pm. Still with the Boxing Week.
Friday Dec 30th – 11am til 8pm. Boxing Boxy Boxster
Saturday Dec 31st 11am til 6pm – New Years Eve!
Sunday Jan 1 . Closed. Hangover.
Thanks again Toronto!